Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery
6 Linden Road, Bedford
MK40 2DA
Tel: 01234 216 147 or 07817 541 213

Borehamwood, Herts

For Girls & Boys
Aged 3 months - 5 Years

Open 50 weeks a year

8.30am - 5.30pm


To enrol your child into our nursery, please click on the link below to complete and submit our online enrolment form.

Enrolment Form

The Curriculum

Nursery Opening Hours:

Day   Extended Morning Afternoon Extended
Monday 7:00am 8:00am - 12:55pm 1:15pm - 5:30pm 6:00pm
Tuesday 7:00am 8:00am - 12:55pm 1:15pm - 5:30pm 6:00pm
Wednesday 7:00am 8:00am - 12:55pm 1:15pm - 5:30pm 6:00pm
Thursday 7:00am 8:00am - 12:55pm 1:15pm - 5:30pm 6:00pm
Friday 7:00am 8:00am - 12:55pm 1:15pm - 5:30pm 6:00pm

Extended hours are offered at the rate of £5 per half hour and £10 for a hour and must be booked before the day or days required if possible.

Children that are picked up late will incur a £5 per 10 minutes late pick up charge.

Breakfast / Lunch / Tea / Snack Time:

We are very lucky to boast our very own chef, who prepares fresh food daily in our kitchen. Marta Wojcinska is our head cook.

Breakfast is served for children in before 8.30am. A selection of nutritional cereals are offered along with milk, fresh fruit or toast.

Vegetarian meals are provided by request Children that have a special diet are asked to discuss individual needs

Our menu is on display by the main entrance.

Morning Snack is served around 10.30am.

Lunch is served at 12.00 noon.

A typical lunch menu:

Roast chicken, fresh roast potatoes, fresh broccoli & ice cream

Fish sticks, sweet corn, cheesy potato wedges & fresh fruit & jelly

Beef sausage and bean casserole, fresh   mashed potato, peas & yoghurt

Spaghetti bolognaise, garlic bread & grapes with sliced bananas

Breaded chicken bites with potato sticks, coleslaw & rice pudding

Afternoon snack is served at 2.30pm. Tea is served at 4.30pm.

Early Years Foundations Stage

Children aged 0-5 will all follow the Early Years Foundations Stage curriculum set out by DfES.

At Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery we design an Early Years Foundations Stage curriculum to suit each Child’s individual developmental needs. The Early Years Foundation Stage is based on the following principles; A Unique Child Every child is a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. Including:- Child Development, Inclusive Practice, Keeping Safe and Health and Well-being. Positive Relationships Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person. Including:- Respecting Each Other, Parents as Partners, Supporting Learning and assigning a Key Person Enabling Environments.

The Environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning. Including:- Observation, Assessment and Planning, Supporting Every Child, Providing a varied Learning Environment and Working in partnership with the wider community.

Learning & Development

Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of Learning and Development are equally important and inter-connected. Through:- Play and Exploration, Active Learning, Creativity and Critical Thinking and implementing the six areas of learning & development

*Adapted form a publication by the DFES

We are aware that children under 5 learn through their senses and need space and time to explore and experiment. At Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery we are able to offer both.

Spontaneous Outings, Visits & Day Trips

We regularly visit local educational venues and spontaneous outings. Please make sure you have signed a spontaneous outing form so your child doesn’t miss out. We also offer annual day trips. ie; The zoo, Adventure park or farm. Individual letters will be sent home for these special trips. We welcome all Parents to join us. We are the proud owners of our 6 seater turtle bus.

Key Worker System

Every child that attends Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery has a Key Person. You will be advised who your child’s Key person is. They will be responsible in maintaining your child’s individual progress folders that you take with you when departing from Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery. Your child’s Key Person is available to discuss any issues you may have before or after a session. Appointments can be made after hours to suit. The purpose of sending home a daily sheet is to enable you as parents to see what your child has eaten, taken part in, slept and learnt during their busy day at nursery. To promote parental / Carer involvement we also use a home link book for ongoing communication to meet the individual needs of your child/ren.

To enrol your child into our nursery, please click on the link below to complete and submit our Enrolment Form.