Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery
6 Linden Road, Bedford
MK40 2DA
Tel: 01234 216 147 or 07817 541 213



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Borehamwood, Herts

For Girls & Boys
Aged 3 months - 5 Years

Open 50 weeks a year

8.30am - 5.30pm


To enrol your child into our nursery, please click on the link below to complete and submit our online enrolment form.

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Our Children

Our Core Values At Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery: Tolerance of others, sharing, honesty, keeping promises, respect for others, acting considerately towards others.

What we ought to be:
Kind, polite, thoughtful, truthful, caring, generous, honest, helpful, grateful, hardworking

What we ought not to be:

Deceitful, rude, lazy, cruel to others, spiteful, greedy, selfish, thoughtless

The nursery allows the children to make their own decisions, in small matters, wherever possible in order to enable them to develop self awareness and responsibility together with a sense of self worth and independence.

Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery promotes good manners and rewards children in turn, by rewarding stickers and being teachers helpers.

You are asked on the enrolment form, to give us details of any medical conditions that your child may have. This will be treated in the strictest of confidence by our team of staff.

We follow medical guidelines on certain illness for anything infectious, i.e., conjunctivitis, chicken pox, worms, head lice, sickness & diarrhoea or Swine Flu. There is a guideline sheet recommending incubation periods /exclusion / treatment required displayed in the main nursery office. A telephone number for the Health Protection Agency is 01462 705300 or you can phone the nursery if you are unsure.

A telephone call is required if your child is going to be absent from nursery.

All medicine must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and must be handed to a member of staff. We only administer medicine that has been prescribed unless parental / carer permission has been given and a consent form giving instructions is signed by you.

It is essential that we have an emergency contact number in case of accidents or illness, and is contactable at all times whilst your child is at nursery.

Safe Guarding Children

As an Ofsted registered nursery we comply with the Children’s Act 1989 in respect of child protection procedures. Children of Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery are our number one priority and in the event of any unresolved concerns we will seek professional advice, and may do so without informing the parent or carer first. We follow the guidelines on Safe Guarding Children. We hold personal child protection notes and observe children very closely that may be at risk.

Unwell Children

Please do not send a child that is unwell to nursery, they will be unhappy and may pass the illness to other children as well as staff. We adhere to the guidelines above; the nursery will send home any child that is unwell.


Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery, aim to work together with parents to encourage and reinforce good behaviour. Our nursery has a strict policy which forbids physical reprimand. We believe in a firm but quiet approach, where children are encouraged to respect others. There is a behaviour policy in our policies and procedures file.

Our Setting Room layout

Cheeky Babies 3 months - approx 18 months

The baby unit is made up of two double sized adjoining rooms with a separate sleep room and a separate toilet / nappy changing area. The baby unit is bright clean warm and inviting, filled with good quality educational toys and learning resources. Each baby will have their own clean bedding to be taken home weekly to be washed. Shoes must not be warn in the Baby Unit. Shoe covers can be found by the main entrance.

Organised play and adventure are carefully planned, tailored to suit and accommodate the individual needs of all our baby Cheeky Monkeys.

We also boast a secure outdoor all weather play area and are the proud owners of our 6 seater walker which is equipped with seat belts which we use for spontaneous outings.

Cheeky Toddlers approx 18 Months - approx 3 yrs

We provide a wide collection of learning experiences for toddlers to explore in our spacious safe, stimulating  environment.  We encourage free play, painting, drawing daily stories and nursery rhymes. We also offer our toddlers  sleep time after lunch on beds with their own named blankets which are to be taken home weekly to be washed. Both physical & developmental needs are met, learning through play. The nursery day is structured but flexible to meet the individual needs of toddlers for both indoor & outdoor activities.

Cheeky Monkeys approx 3 yrs - 5 yrs ~ Getting ready for big school.

We provide a safe, happy, play-based environment in which your child can learn to socialise and gain independence outside the family.  We prepare children for the routines of a school day Our staff encourage children to become independent, and aim to develop their social skills by communicating  and learning to share with others. Incorporated in communication, Language and Literacy we follow the Jolly Phonics system. We also encourage emergent writers to use  the correct letter formation. 

We maintain close relationships with local schools, and can provide information for parents about schools in your area. Cheeky Monkeys Classroom has its own access to our sheltered outdoor all-weather play area and gardens.  Home Link books are given to all children which creates a Good Home / Nursery Parents / Carer partnership. 

Equal Opportunities

The nursery is committed to treating all children as individuals, regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, gender, culture, lifestyles, disabilities or religious belief. We believe it is important to provide a range of multi cultural equipment and books for the children. All cultures will be shared in order to develop an understanding of different lifestyles in the wider world and to develop a positive attitude to others. Where possible festivals and ceremonies will be celebrated or included in sharing time. Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery has an equal opportunities policy available in the policies and procedures file.


A complaints procedure exists for nursery parents use. Our nursery Policies and Procedures are displayed on the parents notice board. Copies are available for parents by request.

Ofsted Telephone Enquiry Line: 0300 123 4666

Ofsted Registration Number: EY381322


All our nursery policies are available by request and displayed on the main notice boards. Please check them regularly for updates and changes. Our nursery Terms & Conditions form a part of our contract, please ask us any questions you may have.

Keeping parents informed & up-to-date

A nursery newsletter is published monthly. There is also a notice board situated in the main entrance hall. Please read the information on the board to keep yourselves updated.

All children are given a Parent Home Link Book which is used daily to keep Parents/ Carers fully up to date with their child's busy day at nursery and any other information that needs to be passed on. Parents are encouraged to use the book at home to keep us informed and up to date with any issues that may arise.

Nursery staff will be available before and after each session to discuss your child’s progress or any information you feel we should be aware of. Settling in review forms will be sent home to be completed after attending for approx 4 weeks. We also invite Parents / Carers to open evenings where you are invited to discuss your child’s progress and browse through their personal work folders and profiles.

Uniform / Hygiene

Children are required to wear nursery uniform, sweatshirts and T-shirts are available from the nursery office. All items of clothing worn to nursery must be labelled with your child’s name written clearly. Children that stay for a full day or include lunch time in their session must provide a wash bag containing a tooth brush & tooth paste. All nursery children must provide a sheet and blanket to be used at rest time and taken home every weekend for washing; this only applies to those children who would usually go for a rest. All items sent into nursery must please be clearly labelled. 1 T-shirt  and 1 Sweat Shirt are charged for on your deposit invoice.

What your child may want to bring to nursery

Your child may wish to bring a comforter i.e a blanket, cuddly toy or dummy to nursery. Please feel free to do this, if it will make them feel more secure & help with the settling in process. We do, however, discourage children bringing any form of toy weapon to nursery, along with sweets and other toys from home. (Children can become distressed if these accidentally get lost or damaged.)

Spare Named Clothing

Please ensure that additional clothing (in addition to specified uniform) is comfortable, easily washable and easy to get in and out of, when they need to visit the toilet i.e. no belts or difficult fasteners please. Your child will also require outdoor clothing in case of those wet and colder days or hot, sunny weather, i.e. coats and wellie boots and sun hats. All children are required to bring at least one full change of clothing including socks to nursery.


Children under the age of 2 years will have all nappies and wipes provided by the nursery. It is a requirement that children over the age of 2 years needing nappies have child’s initials clearly written on them.

To enrol your child into our nursery, please click on the link below to complete and submit our Enrolment Form.